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Geometrical, symbolic shapes and contemporary forms. Jewelry from Nina Kastens is inspired by architecture and the spirit of New York and is dedicated to modren women who love to marry minimalism with pragmatism. We talked to the designer on dreams and talismans.

What is your first fashion memory?

My mom was always very interested in fashion and was wearing all the deconstructivist designers like Yamamoto or Girbaud etc. I think this was a great influence on my view on fashion.

How the idea for the brand was born?

It was more or less a coincidence. I was studying business administration and was looking for a creative balance. I took some jewelry making classes and totally found my passion in this artisanal technique. After I finished my MBA, I enrolled in a professional jewelry trade school in NYC and – with the vision to start my own business in mind- I learned the entire craft from the bottom up.

How does your creative process look like?

I gather ideas every day. Sometimes it’s a shape, an interior object or a specific surface that catches my eye. Therefore, I ́m carrying my sketchbook with me all the time. When it comes to the point to create a new collection I take a few weeks off from the office and spend the time only on the creative process – usually in NYC.

What inspires you?

Almost everything – from art sculptures, paintings, interior objects, nature, fashion…

How do you image a woman wearing your designs?

I love the variety of women wearing my jewelry. It can be a teenager who saved money to buy one piece of my collection, the successful creative business woman or older women who collect my pieces. It makes me happy to see all these diverse women wearing my jewelry.

What is your dream project?

I would love to cooperate with other brands to creative special pieces – not only jewelry…

Your jewelry appears very organic – you work with soft shapes and nacre. How nature influences your designs?

Nature inspires me a lot. It gives me endless shapes and surfaces to get inspired. It doesn’t have to be perfectly round or straight – that’s what I like.

How would you define modern elegance your jewelry stands for?

Modern elegance means for me a timeless yet fashionable design paired with good quality. That’s what my brand stands for.

Why is a Scarab your lucky charm?

The scarab is an ancient Egyptian lucky charm and is mostly worn as an amulet. I love to work with such historic elements and to interpret them in a modern way.

You said that each woman wearing your piece has a unique story to tell. Do you approach fashion as a narrative?

I think jewelry is something very personal. You give it as a present for a special occasion or reward yourself for something. For me the most precious piece is my I AM GOOD ring, which I ́m wearing to remind myself that that what I ́m doing is the right thing and to keep believing in myself.

You can find the original interview in InStyle Poland.

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