3 oriental details that will inspire your wardrobe

An oriental trend fashion has been around for a while but every season, we can see designers reinterpret their Far East fascinations all over again. Orient is a very complex inspiration that is translated into fabrics, colours and the silhouette. We bring you three details that will help you rediscover fashion orientalism.

Mandarin collar

It was an intrinsic element of Mandarin traditional gowns worn in Imperial China. Today, mandarin collars are synonymous with minimalism and elegance. They are most often parts of classic, plain shirts, as well as military jackets that you can easily style with your favourite basics.

The kimono

Sophisticated, silk kimonos were worn by samurais and geishas and it served as a demonstration of your social status. A famous aesthetic called ‘iki’, meaning elegant chic, popularised kimonos in muted, delicate colour tones. Designers continue to use the shape that is often applied to wrap dresses, shirts and blouses with slightly wider sleeves.


Hanakotoba is a symbolic flower language born in Japan. No surprise that this important element of Eastern culture has become one of the major sources of visual inspiration. Cherry blossom and camellia prints embellish silk shirts and ethereal dresses – a subtle way to highlight your femininity.

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