From office dress code to power dressing

How to subvert office dress codes and still feel professional? We’ve got some ideas!

Asymmetric form

If your job requires that you look formal and elegant, don’t be afraid to play with the form. A classic white or blue shirt don’t need to be boring. Pick an asymmetric one with an interesting knot or longer back. It will go really well with a pair of skinny jeans and high-heels.

Original details

You like monochrome, classic looks? Pick an interesting detail such as bell sleeves or a pencil skirt with a flare at the bottom. These are unique elements that will add a touch of nonchalance to formal outfits and prove fashion can be fun on any occasion. If you’re still hesitant to pick a statement fashion piece, go for edgy accessories such as pastel pink heels.

Edgy blazer

A blazer is an intrinsic element of office dress code! From a striped oversize jacket to a cropped one, inspired by the military – both will go well with the basics: a white t-shirt and a pair of suit pants. Find the balance between the masculine and the feminine by adding geometric jewellery and red colour on the lips!

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