How to choose a perfect jewellery gift?

Are you having doubts how to pick a perfect Christmas jewellery gift? Here are our tips!


There are two major trends: a contemporary and a retro one. Minimalistic, geometrical jewellery is in vogue, taking inspiration from architecture. The vintage trend is a throwback to a rich aesthetic of Art Deco. Small details, use of white gold and symmetrical forms are some of its main characteristics. When deciding on the shape remember to consider the individual style of the person you want to gift.


Gold or silver? Gold jewellery has the biggest value, however, take time to think which colour should you choose. Tastes are different and some women prefer the yellow, white or rose gold shade. Silver works well with precious stones and tends to look ultra-modern. Pay attention to the smallest details that can make your gift more exceptional such as Swarovski crystals, zirconias and nacre.


What we love about presents is the meaning they often carry. It’s the same story with jewellery. We are prone to pick the shapes that are somehow symbolic. The token of the Surrealists – an eye – looks great as part of pendant earrings or a brooch. Star or moon shapes are associated with the universe while chokers and stud embellishments are a nod to punk subculture. Jewellery is a form of individual expression so make sure to make your gift meaningful by choosing its right form.

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