Meet our new brand! Introducing STAUD

Fashion is supposed to empowering but also… accessible!

Based on this idea, Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto launch STAUD in 2015. The new brand focuses on design, modernity and new definitions of femininity that will reflect women’s growing independence and style awareness. They match classics with unique details such as colors, croc patterns and vintage elements. Soon, they design an iconic Bissett bucket bag that’s trending all over Instagram – from Jeanne Damas through Alexa Chung to Dakota Fanning. Another model – Moreau – also becomes an instant hit and tough it might resemble a plant pot, it’s the most fashionable plant pot in the world! It’s unpretentious, original and most importantly, comfortable. It combines a retro spirit with a contemporary element. The same rule applies to STAUD’s ready-to-wear collections. They are functional but with a hint of unexpectedness. A perfect option for fans of tongue-in-cheek classics that are both, contributing to your closet of timeless pieces as well as letting you express your personality. Did we forget to mention they are now available at Lui Store?

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