We’ve got a fresh delivery of iconic T-shirts from Quotes by the Queen

A new T-shirt brand by Magdalena Frackowiak is now available at Lui Store!

This brand new label of classic tees has been an instant Instagram hit. Bitch you ok? Believe in your inner bitch. Bitch out of my view. These statements may seem vulgar at first but actually, their goal is to boost your confidence. Can such a simple element of your wardrobe make you feel good in your own skin? Sure it can. According to Quotes by the Queen, you don’t need to make compromises, you don’t need to take things too seriously. If someone’s bothered by you being yourself, well… that’s his problem! We’re sure that’s one of the main reasons why Frackowiak’s T-shirts have become an it-item. In the era of social media, there’s nothing  that we need more than authenticity and these T-shirts serve as a (not so gentle) reminder!

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