A day in the life of a fashion buyer

The founder of Lui Store, Luiza Kubis, tells us how a day in the life of the fashion buyer looks like.

My weekends in Paris are quite intense. I usually go there for three days to visit a maximum number of showrooms. It happens that I have from 6 to 10 meetings per day.

8:00 A quick breakfast at a Parisian café or hotel’s restaurant.

9:30-18:00 The first appointment. They usually last up to half an hour, the remaining 30 minutes I spend in a taxi to another showroom. It is very important for me to be punctual so I always leave a couple of extra minutes to avoid arriving late.

During the appointment, the buyer speaks to a member of a sales team who will overlook the entire buying process. He describes the new collection and we look through the garment. My selection is put aside on a different rack. It is later written down on an order sheet. I indicate the number of pieces and sizes I would like to order. I tend to confirm my selection a couple of days later. It gives me some time to think over all the choices.

18:30 I do not have time for a proper meal in-between the appointments so I end up drinking a few coffees and eating quick snacks. It is after the meetings that I get a chance to relax. I like to go to a nice restaurant and take some rest with a glass of wine. I feel I’ve used my time and deserve to contemplate an evening in Paris.

21:00 A quick meeting with friends. It is always fun to taste a bit of Parisian nightlife. However, I don’t really get a chance to go out. I need to set my alarm for 7am and prepare for another busy day.

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