How punk inspires modern jewellery?

Punk – a subculture that emerged in mid-70s – still inspires. The trend infiltrates the world of modern jewellery that takes on punk forms that once express individualism and defiant attitudes. We present you five punk details that inspire contemporary jewellery designers.


This defiant element has often adorned leather jackets and belts, saying explicitly: „Don’t touch”. Metal and steel studs in the DIY version might look intimidating, but when made of silver or gold, they become more refined.


Punk subculture has completely redefined the look of human body. Tattooing, body piercing and any other forms of accessorising were popular. Young rebels used to wear chokers, short necklaces or bands that fit close to the neck, that are now back in fashion!


Punk was inspired by bikers and rockers, no surprise it has incorporated chains as a decoration. They were worn with denim pants and separately, as necklaces. Now, chains adopt form of bracelets and chokers.

Safety pins

They pinned most ravaged and torn clothing. Their use was initiated by a famous British designer, Zandra Rhodes, and her punk dresses. The shape of a safety-pin is now reinterpreted and appears more subtle as a pair of small earrings.


Skulls, crosses and hearts were often part of the look and the punk manifesto. They adopted forms of pendants, pins and tattoos. The trend is back and the symbolic jewellery is here again to express our point of view.

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