Luiza Kubis for Vers24

I start the day with: A cup of black coffee and checking e-mails.

My perfect morning: Mornings are usually quite difficult as I don’t like to wake up early. The ideal morning means I don’t have to set my alarm for 8 o’clock, I can wake up slowly and eat my breakfast without a rush.

Three things I don’t leave my house without: My phone, my bag and the mini version of my favourite perfumes – Hermes Eau de Rhubarbe.

Paris or New York: Definitely Paris.

I am inspired by: Art and old movies.

Features that I appreciate in people: Honesty and loyalty.

Favourite place in Warsaw: I’ve recently moved here so I am still exploring its charms. I love to visit Zacheta where I can always find new inspiration.

A book I always come back to: “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind and “The Blue Bus” by Barbara Kosmowska.

Lui Store is a place: Where every woman can explore new trends, find a lot of inspiration and most importantly, with a little bit of our help, start her adventure with fashion and styling.

You’ve created an incredible and inspiring place in Warsaw. How the idea was born?

My studies at Central Saint Martins, as well as an internship at Dior allowed me to look at fashion differently. During my time abroad I had a chance to visit different places – boutiques, restaurants, galleries. The decision to create a unique place in Warsaw has matured and me, I wanted it to reflect and gather everything I’ve seen so far. In Warsaw, places like London’s Dover Street Market, Berlin’s Andreas Murkudis or Mykons’ Tserkov are very rare. I took up the challenge to change that.

Everyone is fascinated with the interior of Lui Store. How did the design process look like? What was the most difficult part?

The interior concept was conceived by Dmowski&Co and Mateusz Tanski. I knew exactly what I like and they helped me to put it all together. The execution was the most difficult part – to watch the works inside the store. I pay a lot of attention to details. Everything had to be done precisely, I couldn’t accept compromises.

You carefully select your brands and all the products are of high quality. How did you choose them?

I try to pick the brands I’d personally wear. This is a group of my favourites that I value for exceptional quality. I’ve been following Charlotte Simone, palmer//harding or Attico since their very beginnings, so naturally I thought about them first. I love brands with a soul and the concept. These are the ones I invite to Lui Store. I equally like classic garments and these more edgy. Soon, more designers will be joining, I discovered them during my travels. I think that altogether, they will create a very intriguing mix.

Who is the Lui Store client?

It’s a woman who loves classics, but is not afraid to experiment with fashion.

Has the Polish fashion market surprised?

I was positively surprised – it is very open for all things new. It’s quickly developing and becomes more and more conscious of fashion and art.

You’ve gained experience working for big fashion houses. What was the most important moment in your career?

I am still at the beginning of my fashion route, but I think that working for Dior in Paris was very important. That’s where I’ve had a chance to see how the whole machine really works – from the initial design to sending the collections to the boutiques. These are thousands of people who work for the success. It was very formative. During my internship at Marchesa in New York, I was responsible for the embroideries. My skills were appreciated and soon, I was asked to do the work interns didn’t usually do.

You’ve worked in New York and Paris. Why did you decide to return to Poland?

There were a couple of reasons. I matured and defined my priorities. Career and a sense of fulfillment are very important, but I’m very close to my parents. I wanted to combine the two. Poland is ready for fashion that you see in London or Paris and the quality of life is much higher.

Polish fashion is quickly growing, still, the business mindset is still developing. What are the most common mistakes made by Polish brands?

I’d prefer not to point someone else’s mistakes because I’m still making my own 🙂

Lui Store is an incredible space. What are your favourite places in Warsaw that you come back to?

When it comes to fashion, I like Le Brand boutique. I often dine at Bazar Kocha. The place that really impressed me was the cocktail bar Charlie. In fact, there so many places here – there is a lot I have yet to discover.

What are your plans for Lui Store?

There is a lot but I’d rather keep them secret for now. I really want to gain my clients’ trust. I’m also working to develop the online store.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope that I’ll still be working on Lui Store, maybe create my own fashion brand and travel more.

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