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Rixo London is redefining fashion as we know it. These are the seventies and oriental motifs that inspired the London-based label. Silky shirts and romantic dresses have already gained a loyal following. We spoke to Rixo founders – Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey.

Why did you decide to start Rixo?

We’ve met at university and thought it’d be great to launch our very own brand. The idea has come up during our second year. We didn’t know how it will look like but we were gradually preparing to realise our plan. We’ve been into fashion since a very young age. It is due to our mothers and grandmothers – they’ve always had great style. Every week, they took us to vintage markets and fairs. It was a great opportunity to define our fashion sense.

Did you plan to do it together from the beginning?

 We work and live together, we are like sisters. We have a common business approach and a similar design aesthetic. We believe it is also our strong relationship that stands behind Rixo’s success.

A breakthrough moment for Rixo?  

Everything has happened so quickly! Our first collection was picked by Net-a-Porter. Then, we were nominated for a Premium Brand of the Year award by Drapers.

Some magazines said your clothes would appeal to Sienna Miller. You have a flair for boho and vintage…

We are fascinated with vintage, the seventies. You can find something interesting in every era. When we’re traveling, we spend our free time going to flea markets or second hand shops. We care about the product and vintage is definitely a huge source of inspiration.

How would you define Rixo client?

She is not defined by age but style. She’s not afraid to experiment with prints. We see our clothes worn by 20-somethings, as well as more mature women. Some of them were afraid to wear prints and we changed that.

Who’d you like to see in your clothes?

To see Kate Moss wearing one of our designs – a dream!

Who’s your style icon?

Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger… There are so many!

I was about to ask you if London inspires you but now the answer is quite obvious…

You’re right. We always spot something new around the city. It can be a book found in a charity shop or a work of art. We are also inspired by the photographs from the 60s and the 70s that we find on Instagram.

Can you tell us something about the new collection? You started working with new fabrics, not just silk.

Our new collection is a mix of many different elements – the space, stars, astrology, the universe. We do love silk but we have to offer something new. We want to design a versatile collection featuring cotton T-shirts. Knitwear, leather… It will allow our clients to compose a diverse, full wardrobe.

You favourite design from the new collection?

It’s a difficult question. We love our jacquard Leandra skirt – you can style it with almost anything and it’ll always look great. We also love all the embroideries. 

What’s the next step for Rixo?  

More product categories, knitwear, swimwear, jersey.

You can find the original interview in InStyle Poland.

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