Why we love silk

It’s natural

Silk is a natural fiber produced by certain insects to build cocoons. It is produced in way much smaller quantities than other synthetic materials and is associated with luxury. Indeed, apart from being super soft it is also hyperallergic and durable so a silk top or a shirt are real fashion investments.

It’s versatile

Silk goes well with many outfits. For a casual effect, you can pair a silky strap top with a chunky, wool cardigan. For more formal events, it will always appear elegant and modern. Don’t forget about loungewear as more brands are now offering silky basics that will make you feel beautiful and cosy even when you decide to stay at home.

It’s practical

With silk, you can survive no matter the weather. In the winter, it keeps you war m and cosy. In the summer, it cools you down. It also absorbs humidity and helps the skin breathe. When choosing silk for formal occasions, you can be sure it is not only elegant but also practical.

Lui’s Pick

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